The maximum load is now up to 220 lb/100 kg and Speediance use an electric motor with 2 motors.

We use cable(High strength polyethylene fiber thread).

We use motors to provide resistance(electromagnetic force).


Gym Monster has 10 different heights of the locking mechanism, including 306mm, 456mm, 606mm, 756mm, 906mm, 1056mm, 1206mm, 1356mm, 1506mm, 1656mm.

Yes! You can do overhead presses by moving the pulley assemblies to the pedal.

Yes! You can do both back squat and front squat.

Out patented Spotter Mode will automatically lower the resistance when you might have reached your limit or overload yourself during work-outs. 

*Remember to turn it on before training. And if you lost the grasp of the handle/bar during work-outs with the weight-on, the machine will automatically turn off the weight.

Currently the minimum weight for each side is 5lbs. And the minimum weight we can adjust is 1lbs.

We use 304 stainless steel and bearings of sufficient strength, plus durability tests show that there is no damage to the folding structure.

The support arm is made of 304 stainless steel + wear-resistant paint, while the sliding part we use engineering plastic with a small coefficient of friction as the medium.

The total resistance is 220lbs ( 100KG ). 50KG per arm. 

It also has negative resistance, because it also has weight when it retracts, this means you need to use force against it as well.

The motor is designed to have a service life of 10,000 hours, and you use it for 2 hours a day, so that will last for 13 years.


We have different modes : 1 (SPOTTER) + 4 (STANDARD、CHAINS、ECCENTRIC、CONSTANT); 

SPOTTER : Spotters help you finish your last few reps when your muscles are fatigued, which is much harder to do when training by yourself.

STANDARD : The digital weight provided is constant; 

CHAINS : You can simulate the feeling of real chains, getting the benefits at the touch of a single button; 

ECCENTRIC : Adds more resistance when your muscles are at their strongest to work your muscles harder in every rep; 

CONSTANT : Maintain a balance of tension and contraction forces,used in strength tests and rehabilitation training;