Exciting updates have been made!🚀

  • The new Data Center is now live, featuring additional data dimensions. It provides real-time insights into your current training status, trends, and more, helping you gain a clearer understanding of your workout progress.
  1. The Daily Workout section has been moved to the Data Center.
  2. The Body Overview offers real-time feedback on the training intensity of each body part.
  3. The Workout Overview includes comprehensive data on duration, volume, workouts, calories, and total output. Stay informed about your training trends at a glance.
  4. Strength Training tracks trends in workout volume and displays detailed data on the volume of each body part.
  5. Rowing and Skiing now feature workout data.
  6. In Body Silhouette, you can upload your training photo album.
  • The Message Center introduces a 'Mark All as Read' function.

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